Investing In Gold

If you are interested in investing in gold there are a number of ways to do it.

Gold Jewelry – Those who are more tangible in nature may choose to invest in gold jewelry. Although purchasing gold jewelry is done by many non investors, it is still an option because gold jewely has monetary as well as aesthetic value. When the price of gold increases the value of jewelry made from gold increases as well. There could be even more value in certain collectible pieces of gold jewelry, especially if it is something very rare such as an ancient gold medallion once worn by a famous king.

Gold Coins – Both investors and collectors enjoy gold coins. As with those who collect gold jewelry, gold coins have monetary as well as aesthetic value. For collectors there are additional factors which come into play such as hpw many of a particular coin exists and the actuall physical condition of the coin.

Gold Stocks – Gold stocks have been a mainstay of gold investors for many years. Stocks in mining companies can qucikly appreciate in value with every increase in the price of gold. Gold stocks can also outpace the price of gold yielding investors a greater return on investment.

Gold ETF’s – A gold ETF is an Exchange Traded Fund that can be traded like a stock and is traded on the major stock exchanges. ETF’s are an excellent investment and trading vehicle for those who are more familiar or feel more comfortable with stock and other financial instruments that trade like stocks.

Gold Futures – As well as providing excellent hedging opportunities for those in the gold industry, gold futures provide investors and speculators and excellent vehicle to take advantage of both long term and short term movements in gold prices.

While gold has traditionally been seen as the “flight to quality” during times of economic turmoil, investing in gold continues to allow savvy investors to add equity to their portfolios.